• April 7th, 2016

Business Studies

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

A. Create an Excel file which will form the platform for your business plan. Create and label tabs to
identify the locations of the various sections.
B. Provide a brief description of the business (20 words or less). Tab label: “Description”
C. Select a name for the business and design a logo. Tab label: “Name”
D. Select a location for the business and highlight it on Google Earth map. Take a screen shot and
paste it in to Paint to create a jpeg image. Write the rationale for your business location
decision. Tab label: “Location”
E. Create invoice template for the business. Tab label: “Invoice”
Be sure to include the following:
Business name and coordinates
Invoice Number
Client Name and Coordinates
Description of Product or Service provided
Terms of Trade
F. Display a detailed breakdown of all revenue sources for your business by month for a 12 month
period. Break your revenue down by line of production, target clientele and other classifications
as appropriate and show how they will flow into your revenue stream. Provide revenue volume
projections and evidence to support them. Show the expenses for your business against the
revenue flows for the 12 month period. Tab label: “Revenues and Expenses”
G. Prepare a web page for your business. Take a screen shot of the web page and paste it into Paint
to create a JPEG file. Paste the JPEG file into MS Excel. Tab label: “Web page”
H. Outline a marketing plan for your business. Include the marketing mix – product, pricing,
promotion and distribution. Also include market segmentation and target markets. Tab label:
I. Explain how you are going to finance the start up of your business. What sort of financing
arrangements will you make? Tab label: “Finance”
J. Explain how your business is differentiated from others. What are your competitive advantages?
Explain why your business will survive the start up and grow into something substantial that
lasts. Tab label: “Branding”

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