• April 5th, 2016

Business Studies

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Word Limit: 10,000 maximum

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

Cognitive & Intellectual skills :

4. Critically review the literature related to the area of study and identify a suitable methodology for the research
5. Evaluate the project findings and analyse the data to inform managerial practice

Practical and Professional Skills:

6. Identify a management or business issue which is suitable to be analysed through a project methodology
7. Apply concepts and principles associated with practical research in order to undertake the investigation of a management issue
8. Plan and undertake research into the business issue in order to address comprehensively the project aims

Key Transferable Skills:

9. Effectively communicate project aims, objectives, research methods and outcomes
10. Use appropriate numerical and statistical methods
11. Use appropriate IT skills within the context of research and documentation of findings


Undertake the research proposed in assignment 1 and apply the concepts and principles of research methodologies. Using the template in appendix D, evaluate your project findings and analyse your gathered data to produce recommendations for managerial practice.

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