• April 2nd, 2016

Business Studies

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1)company’s hr vision or vision and mission? sadly only got vision for now
To be the Leading Hospitality Management Company recognized for its unique blend of world-class standards with genuine hospitality and for its truly treasured experiences provided for guests, colleagues and owners.

Couldn’t find a the mission but if you can that will be nice

2)how would you describe the HR culture?
we create a “colleague culture” we treat every employee with respect there is no class difference between employees

3)do you outsourcers?
yes but only for security and if needed waiters.

4)what type for strategy do you use to achieve the ultimate business goal?

because turnovers are high we are trying to decrease turnovers too be competitive ad to keep our trained employee not to leave

5)how do you motivate your employee?
our colleague culture creates a heathy environment that help our employee exceed expectations we also keep in touch with most of our employee with survey to increase “engagement”.

6)how do you measure employee satisfaction?
satisfaction cant be measured so we use engagement to motivate our employee

7)how is your recruitment process work?
we study the applicant paper to see if they fit our style we usually pick people who worked in the same field.

we try to reduce cost by promoting old employee (for example a manager) which create a promoting chain which ends with an open position that will be lest costly to hire for then a manager

also this style promote “engagement” as old employee feel appreciated.

8)tell me about your company culture?
rottana create the L.I.F.E it stands for long turn innovation friendly and ethical we builed our company based of these.

also rotten hotel adapted the UAE hospitality as there way to treat guest(offering food and arabic coffe to people waiting in lobbies etc etc.

now i want you to add more generic question to reach 15 or 20 question

after that i want you to do with all this information is this

P2)provide introduction of the chosen company and determine the ultimate business goal and the business objective based on your finding

P3)examine and analyze the hr practice and policies and strategies

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