• May 2nd, 2015

Business Simulation

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To complete this assignment you will need to:
Set up a run a business using ((SimVenture software)) for 12 Months. 
You initial capital is to be £25000 of your own money.
The Sim Venture settings are: Difficulty Level = Moderate; Owner = New Starter.
You will be required to prepare a 12 month business review which includes the following: ( 3 Sections )
(1) Business background section :
• Introduction
• Chairman’s statement 
• Overview of product/service, and a review of potential changes to be made 
• A review of the relationship between the business and its stakeholder groups.

(2) Financials Section : 
• 12 month Income statement 
• Balance sheet as at the end of the year 
• Cash flow statement, 
• Budgets as appropriate including project capital budgets 
• Appropriate financial ratios, and an assessment of their value

(3) Future developments : 
• Sources of finance actual and potential statement, 
• Company mission statements The review is to be accompanied with appendices, which show
• Monthly production sales and profit figures [for 12 months] 
• Monthly cash flows into and out of the business [for 12 months] 
• Capital/loan requirements and timing 
• Marketing/product/ customer analysis.
Note this is your analysis based on any research carried out by you.

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