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Your company is the largest private employer in your metropolitan area, and the 43,500 employees in your workforce have a tremendous impact on local traffic. A group of city and county transportation officials recently approached your CEO with a request to explore ways to reduce this impact. The CEO, Ms. Suarez, has assigned you the task of analyzing the workforce’s transportation habits and attitudes as a first step towards identifying potential solutions. She is willing to consider anything from subsidized bus passes to company-owned shuttle buses to telecommuting, but the decision requires a thorough understanding of employee transportation needs. Figures 1 – 4 summarize data you have collected in an employee survey.
Figure 1: Employee Carpool Habits !
• Frequency of Use: Carpooling Portion of Workforce!!
• Every day, every week 10,138 (23%)!!
• Certain days, every week 4,361 (11%)!!
• Randomly 983 (2%)!!
• Never 28,018 (64%)!!
Figure 2: Use of Public Transportation !
• Frequency of Use: Public Transportation Portion of Workforce!!
• Every day, every week 23,556 (54%)!!
• Certain days, every week 2,029 (5%)!!
• Randomly 5,862 (13%)!!
• Never 12,053 (28%)!!
Figure 3: Effect of Potential Improvements to Public Transportation
Which of the following would you encourage you to use public transportation more frequently? (Check all that apply) Portion of Respondents. Employees can check more than

• Increased perceptions of safety 4,932 (28%)!!
• Improved cleanliness 852 (5%)!!
• Reduced commute times 7,285 (41%)!!
• Greater convenience: fewer transfers 3,278 (18%)!!
• Greater convenience: more stops 1,155 (6%)!!
• Lower (or subsidized) fares 5,634 (31%)!!
• Nothing could encourage me to take public transportation 8,294 (46%)!!
Note: This question was asked to those respondents who use public transportation randomly or never, a subgroup that represents 17,915 employees or 41% of the workforce. !
Figure 4: Is Telecommuting An Option? !
• Does the nature of your work make telecommuting a realistic option? Portion of
• Yes, every day 3,460 (8%)!!
• Yes, several days a week 8,521 (20%)!!
• Yes, random days 12,918 (30%)!!
• No 18,601 (42%)!!
Write a recommendation memo report to your supervisor, Ms. Suarez illustrating the data you have collected and recommending two ways to solve this problem. !
This is a short report; therefore, your report will not include a title page, a table of contents, or appendices. The visualized data must be within the text (body) of the report; do not place the data at the end of the report.

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