• January 10th, 2017


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A tour of the “behind the scenes” plant and facilities of Sinai Hospital http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDM1HCtC8HM
Ottawa hospital transforms operations and processes to improve patient care and safety https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EurNmCbMXqg
Prepare and submit a paper responding to the following items:
Use the online library, Internet, required reading, and other resources to research and develop a more complete appreciation of business operations and administration.
Based on your findings, write a scholarly paper that clearly addresses the following:
1. Identify and describe an area of business operations and administration to include the services provided, key personnel within the department, and how this department supports or is supported by other departments.
2. Identify and describe at least two trends that have an impact on the setting you selected. These can be trends related to supply and demand, political climate, regulatory, demographic changes, or patient care.
3. Evaluate the impact of these trends on business operations and administration.
4. Analyze the trends, and thinking as a healthcare administrator, how do you capitalize on these trends to improve operation and bottom line performance? How can you mitigate the negative impact of the trends?

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