• March 30th, 2016

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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

(applying legal principles studied in class to real-life questions)


Each student, alone or in a group of up to four, must present a case discussion as a final, graded project at the end of the semester.  Each project must involve an issue of law that has been addressed in class this semester and must include, as part of the presentation, each of the following:


  • A description of the facts and parties of the case in question;
  • The manner in which the dispute arose (e.g., a lawsuit was filed, a government agency took a challenged action);
  • The relevant law in the jurisdiction;
  • The question presented and to whom it was presented;
  • A brief procedural history, if applicable;
  • An assessment of what the student or group believes would be the correct outcome;
  • The risks of the desired ruling being applied too narrowly or too broadly, and identification of any other stakeholders who might argue for a different result in light of those risks; and
  • What was in fact decided in the case, if applicable.


Points will be awarded for each item above that is properly addressed, and extra credit will be awarded if legal terminology is used properly throughout the discussion of the case.  There is no written product required for this presentation (other than a bibliography), but if a written product is turned in, points may be awarded for required elements that are included in the paper even if they were not presented in class.


The case presented should demonstrate the real-world application of a type of law studied this semester (e.g., torts, criminal law, intellectual property, contracts).  Newspapers and magazines are good sources to help identify legal issues currently in dispute or under evaluation, though other sources may be useful as well.  Each presentation must include a full bibliography with at least three sources.  (Use MLA format; check Purdue Online Writing Lab if necessary.)

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