• April 6th, 2016

Business law and ethics

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Prepare a research paper relating to CURRENT Business Law TOPICS. You must research current authoritative literature and obtain sufficient competent information to substantiate your conclusions. You will be required to research and cite at least 15 articles including at least 5 Court Cases/Law Review Journals. Authoritative literature includes refereed journals, Court Cases, government regulations, and professional publications such as the Journal of Accountancy, Journal of Finance or other professional journals. A maximum of 5 articles can be from large circulation periodicals like the Wall Street Journal and other respect periodicals. Do not cite blogs, internet sources other than periodicals such as professional journals, magazines, or newspapers. Text book citations will not count in the 15 articles and should not be used other than to be used as a short, one sentence, quote if necessary for your paper topic. Do not cite the textbook used for this course. Citing inappropriate sources will result in a 20 point per citation penalty, will be considered as “Filler to increase paper length”, and will be subtracted from your paper’s length

The articles that you cite must all be less than 5 years old, (2011 – 2016) correctly cited and used to support your position. Significant Court Cases older than 5 years, which still provide precedence, may be cited. ENSURE THAT SOURCES YOU CITE HAVE NOT BEEN SUPERCEEDED BY MORE CURRENT SOURCES.

1. Closely read and ensure that you understand the following requirements.
2. The paper must be at least 10 full pages in length and contain 15 different sources. Do not use more than 1 article from any source. It is better to write a minimum of 10 ½ pages to ensure you are not short. One line short of 10 full pages is a short paper.
3. The paper must be long enough to thoroughly cover the paper topic. Please do not write over 20 pages. If your subject requires over 20 pages to cover thoroughly ensure that you cover your topic thoroughly.
4. Refer to the Research Paper Style Guide, located on your Dashboard, and comply with the directions.
5. Refer to the Research Paper Outline on your Dashboard to ensure that you prepare a proper outline.
6. Ensure that you use proper headings to divide your paper into its sections. Failure to utilize headings will result in a 40% deduction.
7. Examine the Research Paper Examples on your Dashboard to help you prepare your paper correctly.
8. Do not use books, blogs, wiki, encyclopedias, or dictionaries as sources or for citations.
9. When utilizing current periodical publications such as magazines or newspapers ensure that you verify the information. Remember that trade journals, company publications, politically motivated periodicals and web sources will usually be slanted to a point of view that is not authoritative or verifiable and should not be used.
10. Do not use bullet points in writing the paper.
11. Ensure that you verify older sources to ensure that they are current and still accurate.
12. Do not use more than one article from any source document.
13. Do not use multiple sources in a citation.
14. All sources must be from United States sources, originating and printed in the United States, and must contain proper English.
15. Sources with improper English usage will not be counted as acceptable sources.
16. Place lengthy quotes (More than 5 lines), pictures, illustrations, and tables in the appendix and reference them in your paper.
17. Do not use “I” or other personal pronouns.
18. Do not use “Common Knowledge”.
19. Every paragraph, except the one paragraph Introduction, and Conclusion of the paper, or change of subject within a paragraph must contain a citation to the source from which you obtained the information conveyed in your writing. Paraphrases should contain a citation for each sentence of the paraphrase. Any paragraph can contain multiple citations and each change of thought or subject within the paragraph should be properly cited.
20. Each citation, including quotations and other citations, must contain the page number of the article from which you obtained the information.
21. The completed paper must be submitted through Blackboard by the due date.
22. The sources cited in the paper must be submitted through Blackboard on the same date as separate, individual, PDF documents. The sources must be submitted as individual PDF files. NO ZIP FILES. Each source is a separate PDF file. The individual file names must be the name as cited in the body of the paper and the files should be sorted alphabetically.
25. Use a cover page ( A separate page) which will not count in paper length.
26. Place the Abstract, if used, on a separate page which will not count in the paper length.
27. The paper is to be typed, double spaced, 12 font , with one inch margins top, bottom, and sides.
28. The Running Head must be within the one inch top margin.

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