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Business Information Analysis Report Assignment ( first class standard and high quality including some web pages )

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Business Information Analysis Assignment


You are required to:

• Write a report that presents a collection of statements, each supported by a clear rationale, and an appropriate analysis of the relevant student survey data that is then used to either confirm or reject each statement. You should then draw conclusions and, if appropriate, suggest recommendations for each statement based on your results. There is not a fixed number of statements that you should investigate. You are only limited by the maximum word length for the report. An excellent report will include a variety of very advanced statistical analyses and thus you should try to avoid using multiple statements that require the same type of analysis to be applied. The data is presented in BIARESPONSES1516.xlsx.

• Produce Web pages that present three of your statements, rationales, analyses and conclusions/recommendations from your report. The Web pages should be written using valid HTML and CSS and should include an introduction page that has links to the pages that present the three statements with their rationales, analyses and conclusions/recommendations.

In developing the report you should make use of Excel and its functionality, and appropriate descriptive statistics. Your analyses should be well thought through, with a clear explanation of:

why you have undertaken a particular analysis •
the conclusion(s) you may draw from its results •

You are encouraged to write clear statements some of which may require the analysis of single data sets such as the age of students and others that highlight differences between various categories of data such as the proportion of students of different ages intending to do a placement.

Here are some example statements:

Financial Accounting is the most popular module •
Students who live in halls of residence attend the university more •  frequently than those who don’t live in halls of residence

For each statement you should:

provide a clear rationale for its inclusion in the report. That is, •  describe why you believe it to be true before undertaking the analysis and why it is useful information to know
apply the appropriate descriptive statistics •
report on the results •
confirm or reject the statement based on the results of the analysis •
derive relevant conclusions and recommendations from the analysis. •

1. You are encouraged to develop new statements based on the analysis and conclusions of an existing statement. For example, in analysing the statement Students who live in halls of residence attend the university more frequently than those who don’t live in halls of residence you may discover that the distance from the university is an additional factor. This may lead to an analysis based on the following statement Students who live in halls of residence attend the university more frequently than those who don’t live in halls of residence.


Your First Draft Deadline: Tuesday 22nd March 2016 before 4pm (British Time) . I need to know what you have done so far rather than wasting time producing a report, which is irrelevant, and I need to show my lecturer a draft. Please produce a decent draft and make sure it makes sense. It doesn’t have to be fully completed but a decent amount just for a 2 days and a half work. Once you have completed a draft, please carry on with the report rather than waiting for feedback and my messages.
Your Second Draft Deadline: Friday 25th March 2016 before 11.59am (British Time). Please produce a decent draft by using the feedback from my lecturer. The more work you produce the better so that my lecturer can explain in more detail or ask to make adjustments and crop things out.
Your Final Deadline: In 10 days time so before Tuesday 29th March 2016 before 11.59pm (British time) the report needs to be fully completed to perfection. If I’m not fully satisfied then you will need to do re works where you will be given deadlines to complete it within 15 hours or less depending on my submission deadline date until I am fully satisfied with the report, so please do not waste time and leave it last minute and produce a first class standard quality to a very advanced level.
During the 10 days and after the 10 days I might upload more documents, which is relevant to the report, or something that can be very useful for you.

The document should include:

the report which should be no longer than 3000 words in length •  (excluding appendices). The report should include the URL of the first page of your Web pages;
The HTML and CSS code for the Web pages which should be presented in •  the appendices.

The report must include:
A title page. •
A contents page. •
A strong introduction that introduces the content of the report and •  its structure. (Note that this should be written once the other sections of the report have been completed.)
An analyses section which includes a collection of subsections each •  of which focuses on one of the statements. This section should be presented as follows:

2. Analyses
(I do not need the titles as the lecturer will know by the numbers on the side and it will just waste word counts. Please makes sure for each one you do, you have the appropriate numbers on the side as you can see below. )

2.1 …Put you first statement here…

2.1.1 Excellent and appropriate Rationale

2.1.2 Strong and very advanced Analysis

2.1.3 Strong Conclusions/Recommendations

2.2 …Put your second statement here…

2.2.1 Excellent and appropriate Rationale

2.2.2 Strong and very advanced Analysis

2.2.3 Strong Conclusions / Recommendations …

For example: ( You have to come up with many as possible)

2.1 Majority of students live at home ( I am not asking you to use my example, but I hope you get the point)

2.1.1 Students want to save money…………….. ? what is the reason ? you will need to come up with an excellent and appropriate rationale

2.1.2 58% of students live at home during the term time . Therefore, we can confirm that the statement is true…… Please use more of rejects than true.

2..1.3 You need a strong conclusion/ recommendation here

and so on with more statements ……. So you have to do more than 2 statements as many possible with the 3000 word count.

A collection of very advanced and appropriate charts/tables (produce •  graphs/charts when you are comparing). These must be correctly referenced and titled and be presented within the margins of the text. Only use a chart or table if it makes the information more accessible. Present any chart or table with the analysis to which it applies.

Appendices which include the HTML and CSS code for your Web pages. •

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