• March 14th, 2016

Business in the Asia Pacific Region

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The report is intended for a business audience and consists of companies who are interested in competing in Asia-pacific markets and who wish to extend their knowledge of development and economic growth in the region. The specific tasks (with a guide as to the proportion of the total analysis)
A)Identify the key strategies which countries within the Asia Pacific region have developed since the 1950s. Account for how these strategies might have changed over time and whether there are common elements which allow us to speak of an “East Asian development model “,You are not expected to refer to every country in the region to complete this analysis-but you should refer to those that you think are the key examples of development within the region. (75 %)
B)What is the likelihood that such strategies could be employed by developing countries in other regions of the world? (25%)
This Report will be discussed these countries —-China , Japan and Korea , Hongkong , Singapore and Taiwan .

Resources can be use
All the documents that I upload
• Articles in academic journals
• Articles in the business press, e.g. The Economist or Business Week
• Papers and reports from reputable sources on the Internet, e.g. the World Bank or the IMF
Text book

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