• May 3rd, 2015

Business Environment Analysis

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Business Environment Analysis
There are five major environments associated with any organization or industry – internal environment and four external environments. The external environment analysis is sometimes referred to as a PEST analysis (political-economical-social-technological analysis).
In this assignment you will need to research the industry your chose in order to identify the trends, patterns, and consistencies in the business environments for that industry.
• Trends – A series of data points that show either an upward or downward movement or a gradual movement in one direction.
• Patterns – Finding items that are recurring over and over in a cyclic fashion or if something regularly happens and a resulting reaction always occurs.
• Consistencies – Things (e.g., events or activities) that remain constant and really do not appear to change over time within the industries.

Action Items
1. View the following videos on various business environments – both internal and external environments:
a. Internal
b. Political
c. Economic
d. Social
e. Technological
2. Pick three of the environments you would like to further research for this assignment.
3. Identify an industry that you would like to base your research on for this assignment. Use the Standard and Poor’s electronic database on the Franklin University Library web site to identify an industry.
4. Conduct research to identify political trends, patterns, and consistencies in the three business environments for the industry you chose to research for this assignment at the local, regional, national, and global levels.
5. Write a 4- to 5-page business brief that addresses the following. Follow the Business Brief Guidelines. Use section headers. Include at least 6 references with at least two references from the MBA Journal List.
a. Briefly orients the reader to the industry that you have selected.
b. Describes the key trends, patterns, and consistencies in each of the three environments you researched.
c. Identifies, if any, important synergies or convergences among the trends.
d. Selects what you believe are the three most critical trends, patterns, and consistencies related to your industry’s future success from among all the trends, patterns, and consistencies you have identified. Explain why you think these are the most critical to the industry.
e. Analyzes what you believe will be the major impacts of the three trends, patterns, and consistencies on the industry over the next five years.
f. Identifies at least one major issue that the industry is facing in each of three environments you selected to research.


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