• April 20th, 2016

Business Continuity Management

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

The research Indicative Title is: Investigating the Business Continuity Management plans of commercial banks in Nigeria

You should write the following:

Indicative aims and objectives: Research questions aims and objectives should be clear and precise and only 3 are needed.


Summary of the literature/ rationale for the study (about 200 words). A paragraph for each of the 3 research aims and objectives that you have chosen. Each paragraph should end with the issue or question identified.


Research questions: You should also come up with 3 intelligent research questions that will address the topic based on the research aims and objectives.

You should also write Indicative data collection methods for the research (about 200 words). What type of information/data do I require to answer the research questions? Where shall I obtain this information/data from? How shall I gather the information/data. And also once I obtain this information/data how shall I analyse it to provide evidence that will address the issues and answer my research questions. Please note that Nigeria has 21 commercial banks and questionnaires are too be used.

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