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As part of the Business Communication course you will be required to develop a written report incorporating motivational quotes related to business communication. This written report will allow you to demonstrate your ability to (1) use information technology to solve business problems through a word processing program; and, (2) communicate effectively by producing a professional quality business document . Here is what you’ll need to do:

1. In order to demonstrate your ability to “use information technology,” you will find three (3) motivational quotes from different sources online (refer to examples on Page 2). Using an internet browser, search the keywords…business communication quotes or effective business communication quotes, etc.

2. In order to demonstrate your ability to “communicate effectively” in writing, you will develop a well-written, reflective report with the following paragraphs:

TITLE: Create a title that describes the topic of the report. Remember, the title of your report is the first impression your readers will get of your paper; therefore, you need to make sure it is interesting, informative and enticing.

PARAGRAPH 1: Introduction

How you feel about having strong, effective communication skills overall (professionally and personally). This should include 4-6 sentences of how you feel with a clear topic sentence (possibly include some of your business communication goals now and in the future).

PARAGRAPH 2: Motivational Quotes

Select three (3) motivational quotes from different sources found online. For eachquote, include the following:

• Actual quote. Use quotation marks and include the author.

• Explain how each quote you select reflects your personality and/or business communication skills you plan to use in the future. In other words, narratively explain what this quote means to you and how you plan to apply it or learn from it. This explanation should be reflective and include concrete details of your thoughts.

NOTE: You should have three separate paragraphs – one for each quote and an explanation.

PARAGRAPH 3: Conclusion/Overall Impressions

• Reiterate your thoughts on effective communication and how these motivational quotes will help you achieve your business communication goals. Remember to restate the topic sentence and to be engaging in your conclusion so it has a strong ending that leaves an impression on the reader.

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