• April 24th, 2016

Business Analysis report for call centre comprehensive system

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Business Analysis report for call centre comprehensive system

The writer has to cover the heading and sub-headings points both together in full practical details (real live call center comprehensive system). I don’t want any theory at all. This report is only practical report for call centre comprehensive system (real live call center comprehensive system).
This report covers the following points:
1. Conduct Stakeholder Analysis
2. Plan Business Analysis Communication
3. Conduct Elicitation
4. Document Elicitation Results
5. Confirm Elicitation Results
6. Communicate Requirements

1. Conduct Stakeholder Analysis
§ Identify the stakeholders (including the solution team actually developing your BA solution) who may be impacted by your business analysis initiative.
§ Analyse their influence, authority (approve, sign off, veto), and project attitude (i.e. level of interest) using a RACI matrix (see example in “Project Process Example – Low level process V5.doc”) or other relevant tool if you have another preference.

2. Plan Business Analysis Communication –
§ Determine what/when/how information the various stakeholders and solution team need to be provided with about the business analysis you are conducting from start to finish.
§ Detail what forms it should take (verbal, written, email etc), when it should happen (weekly, needs basis etc). You can use a “Stakeholder Planning Sheet”

3. Conduct Elicitation
Meet with stakeholders and solution team to elicit information regarding their needs and issues including:
§ Assumptions
§ Constraints
§ Risks that they can foresee.
§ What documentation you produce here depends on what techniques you use in your elicitation. I expect you to address the following:
§ agendas and minutes from stakeholder/team meetings;
§ notes and/or results from stakeholder interviews;
§ reports/analysis from workshops/brainstorming sessions;
§ diagrams from mindmapping exercises;
§ reports/analysis from risk analysis;
§ reports/analysis from SWOT or similar analysis;

4. Document Elicitation Results – Summarise in executive report form the information obtained from stakeholders and solution team

5. Confirm Elicitation Results
§ Validate that the stakeholder’s intentions have been correctly captured and understood. Meeting with them to confirm their needs/issues have been taken into consideration appropriately.
§ You will need to meet with the solution team separately to assure that the solution requirements are correctly understood.
§ You will need to produce meeting documents including agenda, minutes and action items confirming validation.

6. Communicate Requirements
§ Communication methodology
§ Implementation using document standards

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