• April 16th, 2016


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Career Planning
When you start a business you need to be able to sell yourself as well as your business ideas and plan. In order to get yourself on the right path to success, complete and answer the following:

Review career skills in the field of business and management and then create a 1-year action plan as to what specific actions you will take that will guide you towards realizing your ideal job.

Please include the following in your 1 year bulleted action plan: (In addition add your 1 year action plan to your Career Portfolio)

As a Business Owner
Determine what skills you need to get that job.
What steps you will take to obtain the additional skills you might need?
What networking avenues will you use to understand your field of interest, obtain advice, and help you increase professional development?
How would you use a mentor or coach to assist you in personal branding?

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