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Tasks Guideline
1. Working Title Your working title should reflect your
research topic
2. Context of the Research You should describe the background of
your research topic. You need to explain
the context of your research.
3. Identified issues in your research
topic & how your research will
contribute to the business / industry /
You should identify issues in your topic
area and this should justify the purpose
of whole research. Also you need to
explain how your research will contribute
to the business / industry / organization.
4. One Research Aim Please use the structure which you learnt
in the seminar.
5. Two Research Objectives Define two research objectives which will
achieve research aim.
6. Literature Review You should review relevant academic
articles to support your research topic.
No company history / background should
be part of this.
This area should show broad academic
7. Research Design Plan:
1) Your chosen research design.
2) Your chosen research
3) Types of Data (Quantitative/
4) Data collection process: how will
you collect data?
5) Sampling Method
You need to include all 5 sections here.
Your research design plan should be
justified with appropriate references.
8. Ethical and Accessibility Issues You need to explain ethical and
accessibility issues in your research
design. This is NOT about CSR or ethical
issues in the research topic or in the
9. Realistic Implementaion Plan in Term
You should provide a detailed
implementation plan for term 6
showinghow you will complete the

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