• October 12th, 2017

Bullying Essay

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One major problem our society is facing nowadays is Bulling of children in schools. Parents are really worried about their children concerning this issue. Children ages as low as 5 years are taking their lives because of bulling.

Students bully in some basic ways like for example:

a. Physical aggression: spitting, tripping, pushing, shoving, etc.

b. Social alienation: gossiping, spreading rumors, excluding from the group, publicly humiliating, etc.

c. Verbal aggression: name calling, teasing, etc.

d. Intimidation: playing a dirty trick, public challenge to do something, etc.

e. Sexual bullying – commenting on body parts, calling gay, lesbian, etc.

Signs of Bullying Victims are often reluctant to talk about bullying because they’re afraid of appearing weak in their parents’ eyes. These signs include withdrawal, a sudden drop in grades, a reluctance to go to school, staying away from kids who were formerly friends, self-deprecating talk, frequent complaints of headaches or stomach aches, crying episodes and unexplained bruises. Bullying can begin at any time, but the harassment more likely to occur at the start of a new school year or when class schedules change.

DIRRECTIONS: In a three page essay, discuss the major causes, effects, and suggest a

workable solutions for the problem of bulling in schools.

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