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Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

  1. Introduction

    Write an introduction to your paper that includes a clear thesis statement and that summarizes what will be covered in your paper. This means describing each part of the paper and what its importance is to your thesis statement.

    II. Evolution of the Religion

    Present the evolution of the religion you chose by describing the historical, demographic, and geographic overview of the religion. In this part of the paper, you should not present the history of the religion as understood within the religion because that is considered the mythological dimension of religion; instead, you should present the actual history as understood by scholars and historians of religion. Things to consider are the origins of the religion, the geographic location, the spread of the religion, the variations within the religion that develop over time, e.g., Catholic versus Protestantism in Christianity, or Shia versus Sunni in Islam. Where appropriate, explain the historical, demographic, and geographic relationship of the religion you write about to other religions that influence or are influenced by the religion you write about.

    III. Dimension of Religion

    Choose one of the seven dimensions of religions as formulated by world religions scholar Ninian Smart and which are described in Chapter 1 of your textbook. These dimensions are as follows:

    1) ritual dimension

    2) narrative and mythic dimension

    3) experiential and emotional dimension

    4) social and institutional dimension

    5) ethical and legal dimension

    6) doctrinal and philosophical dimension, or

    7) material dimension

    First, explain the seven dimensions of religions. Second, state which one you will use for the religion you are writing about and tell why you think this dimension best illustrates the religion you are writing about. Third, illustrate how the dimension you are writing about functions within the religion you are writing about by giving specific and multiple examples of how this dimension fits into the religion.

    IV. Ethical Impacts

    Describe the positive and negative ethical aspects of the religion you are writing about, including the impacts on individuals within and outside of the religion you write about. Be certain to give specific historical or contemporary examples of the positive and negative impacts of the religion you are writing about to better demonstrate the impacts.

    V. Conclusions and Outcomes

    Describe what you learned from your research and then describe what you learned from writing the paper. You can do this by addressing the following questions: What sorts of ethical consequences can to take away? What surprised you? Where there characteristics for this religion that you find especially appealing?

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