• April 21st, 2016

Briefing paper

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You are asked to imagine that the NSW Government is seeking submissions from relevant stkeholders in juvenile justice(e.g police, legal aid, youth workrs, researchers,and policy advisors ) in relation to its proposal to amend the young offenders act 1997 (NSW)and the Children (Criminal Proceedings)Act 1987 (NSW).The Government is proposing to make the following amendment to its youth justice legislation:

The removal of the principle of detention as a last resort

Using the above proposed amendment write a 1000word BRIEFING PAPER advising the NSW government of the potential effects of the proposal on the young people of NSW Australia

The purpose of the BRIEFING PAPER is to provide a clear and concise exposition of the situation/ issue, any policy dimensions and implications, and recommend a course of action. The submission should include
*a succinct summary of the issue, including your stance on the issue
* a relevant and brief background to the issue
* a concise analysis of the issue and policy implications
*a conclusion and recommendation for action, supported by evidence.

Acknowledge the ideas of others
Substantiate viewpoints using relevant literature empirical evidence and convincing arguments


clearly state the specific proposal, outline whether the briefing paper supports or rejects the proposal outlining the key arguments and state recommendations that will be presented

provides a context for analysing the proposal. The background should include a consideration of the rationalities and socio-political factors influencing the governments proposal
Consider what rationalities underpin the proposal(neo-liberalism, neo-conservatism)in presenting this refer to key concepts(e.g. penal populism, punitive turn, responsibilisation, managerialism, remoralisation, risk etc.)to help outline the connections between rationalities and the proposal Use only the concepts that apply to the context for the proposal under consideration.

In this section consider the proposed change and the possible effects on young people. Use existing evidence to inform the analysis
Consider patterns of youth offending does existing evidence match up with the proposal
Identify examples of local or international jurisdiction that have adopted a similar approach and the impact it has had on young people
If you reject the proposal you may consider whether there are any groups of young people that are more likely to be negatively by the proposal affected (indigenous, those with disabilities, mental illness substance abuse etc.)

if you accept the proposal you may consider whether there are any groups of young people who are likely to benefit and be positively affected by the proposal. Could the proposal benefit victims, help rehabilitate offenders or reduce recidivism

recommend a course of action . Make a succinct statement supported by scholarly evidence If you support the proposal state what you recommendations would be going forward if you reject the proposal then your recommendations should provide and alternative intervention that evidence suggests is better suited

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