• April 21st, 2016

Breast feeding teaching plan for mothers with twin babies

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

– Write a teaching plan for breast feeding(twins) for hospital patients( mothers).
– The teaching plan has to be specifically for twins. It should focus how to teach a mom breast feeding with twins. Some body else is doing a teaching plan on single baby so it shouldn’t be the same.
– The paper should be prepared according the grading criteria for the teaching plan. I’m going upload the teaching plan grading criteria.
– There should be at least 2 work Cite work from at least 2 sources (one
should be your textbook) and include any handouts used and/or given to the patient. ( my text book is “Maternity and women’s health care Lowdermilk”)
– Please refer the attached teaching plan grading criteria. And Please make sure the teaching plan is specifically for mothers with twins.

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