• April 4th, 2016

Breast cancer (inflammatory)

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  1. “My Ailment” and Its Symptoms. 6 pts ● Name your ailment ● define your ailment ● describe the ailment’s symptoms. Be sure to be specific. B. The Main Cause(s) of “My Ailment.” 10 pts ● describe the normal function of the body part(s) affected by the ailment ● describe how the ailment changes the normal function ● thoroughly describe the principle cause(s) of the ailment. C. How “My Ailment” is Diagnosed. 6 pts ● describe the method(s) of diagnosis ● include how this method(s) identifies the ailment D. Main Treatments for “My Ailment.” 6 pts ● describe the principle treatment(s) ● describe how each treatment works E. Two Examples of Current Research on “My Ailment.” 8 pts ● describe TWO experimental methods of detection and/or treatments that are being developed

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