• April 9th, 2016


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A 2000-word essay, with full academic referencing and bibliography

Title: Brandscapes, History and Theory 2

Book Reference: Brand Spaces, Branded Architecture and the future of Retail Design , Gestalten

Building Reference: Apple Store, Regent Street

Articulate a critical understanding of the key principles and concepts of interior and
spatial design in order to make critical choices and locate your own practice within
contemporary practices, theories and social contexts. Individual experience of the
sense of place conveyed by a spatial context.

Question: Compromise a series of critical reflections how these spatial practices may be connected to electronic marketing technologies, such as databases, consumer websites and ‘viral marketing’ campaigns, in an attempt to extend the scope of emotional or affective bonds forged between consumers and brands.

“Retail and brand spaces are destinations – places we visit, even travel to, without the real need to make a purchase. Brands are like people with personality, character, values, stories and a history”.

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