• April 13th, 2016

Book Report/Review, Philosophy

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

In Part X of the book, Philo presents an argument designed to show that it is not reasonable to believe in the existence of God, as that being has typically been conceived in the Christian tradition. Carefully formulate this argument in your own words.

On page 64, Demea offers what he takes to be a sufficient response to the argument. In your own words, explain what this response is and then explain Cleanthes' criticism of that response. What response does Cleanthes himself offer to Philo's argument and what are Philo's criticisms of that response?

In your own words, present the new response that Cleanthes formulates at the beginning of Part XI and explain the criticisms of that new response that Philo offers on page 67-69(up to, but not including, the paragraph beginning “There seem to be four circumstances….”).

You must use only the give book for the source. You are not allow to use any other sources in preparing your paper including internet sources.

Do not use direct quotations; your paper should be a summary of the arguments in your own words.

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