• April 20th, 2016

Book Report on What I didn’t Learn in Business School

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The story reveals the limitations of strategy tools and demonstrates the sort of human and organizational dynamics that can make or break a company’s strategy efforts. Your task is to write a book report (5 pages limit) using the questions that appear below as a guide. You may choose any format you see fit in organizing your final report. Be sure, at a minimum, to address these issues in your report.

1. What lessons do you learn from Justin’s experience in terms of the limits of some of the core strategy frameworks you learned in theory (examine for example, Michael Porter’s Five Forces and the challenges Justice faced in applying it, value chain analysis, the Resource Based View)

2. Which key organizational and human level factors can you identify as obstacles to implementing the strategy formation process the way it appears in theory? [Hint: Consider individual motives, personal interests, stakeholder interests and political behavior].

3. How would you have navigated some of the minefields that Justin and his team faced?

4. What key lessons do you learn about strategy from the novel? How “neat” is the process in real life?

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