• January 3rd, 2017

BMW Corporate Social Responsibility

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

• Expectation of CSR
o First of all, what CSR decision have BMW made?
o What impact do BMW as a company hope to have, how far reaching is it? What is their stance on the practice is it purely philanthropic or primarily self-serving?
o Are these decisions focused on all elements of organizational sustainability, or is there an inherent social focus? Any particular reason you feel this is?

• Implementation & Rationale
o How are these processes executed? Reference specific initiatives!
o Are they marketed heavily in attempt to strengthen their brand?
o Is there follow through, or simply a ‘set it and forget it’ mentality.
• Financial Performance
o How is BMW as a firm reporting its financial performance in its key statements, are these reflective of the current financial state of the firm, or are they presenting a ‘rosy’ picture? Whether they are being liberal with their use of figures, rather conservative or pretty open and honest, use other financial ratios to analyse their stance and reference this back to taught theory.

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