• April 15th, 2016

Bioremediation for chromium

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

2- Literature Review
-General information about the chromium
-In the environment Cr+3 and Cr +6
– uses in different industry
– Brief paragraph about the chromium cycle.( oxidation reduction) ( anaerobic and aerobic .
– Biological reaction
-The toxicity of chromium and its affects in water, sediment and air.
– regulation in USA about it uses
the objective
The aim of the paper is to use the bioremediation as an optimum tool to remove the chromium form the water and the soil in different conditions.
3- Bioremediation in general
– in situ and Ex situ remediation
4- Some bioremediation ways to remove chromium from different environmental medias
5- Focus on Ex situ the bioremediation ways to remove chromium from soil.
5- References

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