• March 15th, 2016

Biomimicry of white beetles

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Taking into account these notes:

Methods of course are the methods used in the papers – the experimental/theoretical approaches used to investigate properties and structure, make a mimic, etc.

Stage of development includes a quantitative assessment of the results in the papers, the limitations of the work, what has been done since then, and stated or perceived limitations of the approach – will it work for the intended application, is there a commercial product, etc.

Is it nano? again, is there something nano about the organism? is there something nano about the mimic? what is it and what size is it? 50 nm? 10 nm?

Under aspects useful for biomimicry/usefulness to organism/applications, discuss organisms… You should discuss all the aspect as it relates to the organsim, why it is beneficial to organism, and how what you learn about it from the organisms can be applied.

discuss if any other things in nature are white and how they do it and of course applications of a biomimic of the white beetle or other white things in nature

To really understand the whiteness you should compare it to other examples of structural colour. It might be good to compare to other examples of structural whiteness in nature if you can find such examples.

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