• March 26th, 2016

Big Data and Big Data Business Analytics

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Drawing upon the discussion of business intelligence and business analytics in Chapter 3, search the Internet to identify a company providing (a) software and/or hardware tools, or (b) services, related to business intelligence and business analytics. Write an essay, approximately 1,250 words (+/- 150 words), addressing the following questions.

Question 1 34% Describe the primary business intelligence and/or business analytics related products or services provided? Who are target customers, or market, for services provided?
Question 2 33% Considering the privacy issues discussed in Chapter 4, discuss potential considerations any customer should have.
Question 3 33% Considering the resources protection concerns discussed in Chapter 5, discuss potential considerations any customer should have.
You will be evaluated on use of sound and convincing arguments, as well as clarity of writing and correctness of grammatical usage. Save you answer in a Microsoft Word document and submit through the Turnitin link provided.

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