• April 18th, 2016

Becoming an employer of choice – How can an excellent performance management and appraisal system help?

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

I. Introduction: For this assignment you will: 1) Propose a performance appraisal(PA) system for your position. 2) Explain how and why the system you propose will contribute positively to your organization’s ability to recruit, retain, and develop its employees (i.e., to an effective performance management (PM) system and to being an “employer of choice”).

II. Scenario:

Imagine you have just been promoted to your supervisor’s position! *smile* Now you will be supervising those who hold your current position. One of the first things you have been asked to do is to take a “really careful look” at how the position is being evaluated and to make recommendations for any needed changes. You not only have a good understanding of what is required for this position and of how it has been evaluated but the fact that you will now be supervising the position means you have a stake in identifying needed improvements in the PA system.

Your new boss for this scenario explains that s/he wants a report that does the following:

Describes the current performance appraisal system for the position.
Evaluates the extent to which the current performance appraisal system aligns with and contributes to the organization’s performance management system.
Explains and evaluates the process and methods used to conduct performance appraisals for this position.
Identifies and analyzes specific strengths and weaknesses in the performance appraisal system and the implications for the organization’s performance management system.
Describes and analyzes potential options for improvement.
Proposes and defends one to three specific changes that should help the organization ensure it is an employer of choice.
Your boss explains further,

Your studies should help you understand what causes employees to be satisfied with their jobs, to be motivated to excel, and to be committed to making their organization the best it can be. And, of course, it is important to explain the difference these are likely to make in employee productivity and performance. I assume you will also have some insights about differences among individuals that might be important to consider when evaluating job performance.

As a graduate student you have the research skills to find and critically analyze the ideas experts have proposed and to explain how and why these ideas can help us make our performance appraisal system the best in our industry.

Your boss adds,

And remember, I’m not looking for your opinions, feelings, or personal experiences. I’m also not looking for the ideas you read about in popular business magazines, newspapers, or books. We need this to be based on the best thinking of experts who have studied performance appraisals and their implications. We need ideas that are based on good evidence and sound reasoning. This is too important to trust to the business ‘fad of the day’! Also, before you suggest something like a 360 degree assessment system, be sure to take a careful look at both the advantages and the problems associated with this idea. It sounds great in theory to have employees evaluating their bosses, peers evaluating each other, and customers adding their input but we need to be really sure this is something that will work in our organization. I’ve heard some horror stories from my colleagues and don’t want to be responsible for the same here.

Note: While this assignment asks you to apply what you learn from your assigned reading and additional research to the organization where you work, you are not expected to actually give the briefing document to your boss. Instead you will submit this to your professor for evaluation and feedback. Below are steps to follow in completing this assignment and below that is a table with deliverables and some resources that will give you a good start.

III. Steps to Completion

Step #1: Review the format you will use for this report (see below).

Step #2: Before doing any reading or research write brief responses to the following four questions. The purpose of this section is to help you identify ideas/biases you may have that it will be helpful to recognize before completing your analysis. Include your responses, as Appendix A, with your final report.

1) How well does the appraisal system used for your position work? (2 to 5 sentences).

2) What things are evaluated and are there important responsibilities/expectations that are not considered as part of the performance appraisal? (3 to 5 sentences)

3) What process is currently used to collect information about performance and to provide feedback and how well do these parts of the system work? (3 to 5 sentences)

4) What three things would you change about the way your position is evaluated and why? (3 – 5 sentences)

Step #3: Context: Use this step to examine your position, noting what its responsibilities are supposed to be as well as what those in the position actually do. If there is a written job description review it, again comparing what it says with what happens in practice. Recall when conducting your job analysis that you want to look at it from the perspective of someone who is supervising the position. This helps you distance yourself from personal experiences that may be unique to you and that may influence your ability to be objective. In the Context section, describe briefly (and in full sentences) what the job is about, as you would if you were explaining your job to someone external to the organization, perhaps to a friend or a potential employer. While you do NOT want to gather data from others in your position or conduct any interviews, this SHRM site offers a good explanation of what a job analysis is and some of the reasons for doing one. Also for the context section you will want to briefly describe the organization’s approach to PM.

Step #4: Theoretical framework: In addition to what you have read in Robbins and Judge (2016), broaden your understanding of performance appraisals and their optimal role in performance management by reading the following and conducting additional journal research. Note that these articles serve as a starting point. You will need to supplement these with other articles. You will find these articles and others that may prove helpful in Content >Course Resources>eReserves>Week four in our LEO classroom. For additional research, we recommend the use of the “Journals to Use and Cite: Leading Business, Management & Technology Journals” list (found under the Content tab in our classroom).

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