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BCAM CES [Material Selection]

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Design storage heaters by using the software BCAM CES [Material Selection] 2015. The version of the software [CES] must be 2015.

the requirement is in the attachment.
it is a full report with relevant Executive Summary, Calculations, appendices and references are to be included. [ also each reference that will be used must have its link in the references page].

one part of the calculation parts should be about how to find suitable materials.







Optimising volume (15 marks)


A rain gutter is to be constructed from a metal sheet of width w cm by bending up one-third of the sheet on each side through an angle θ. How should θ be chosen so that the gutter will carry the maximum amount of water?

Here the width w is given by w=3a, where a is obtained from the last two digits of your student ID No (e.g. if your ID no is 4120833 then a=33 and w=99 cm).

(Total – 15 marks) 110MP Coventry University 2016 Coursework

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  1. Population modelling (20 marks)


A model often used for population growth is the ‘Logistic’ model

n n n n x Mx k x x         1 100 1

Where is the population in millions at year n, and k and M are constants n x

Your individual parameter values should be obtained from your student ID No. as follows:

M = 1st 3 digits

x0 = next 2 digits

k = next 2 digits

Eg. If your ID no is 4120833 then M=412, x0=8, k=33

  1. a) Use your allocated values for M, k, and x


Create a spreadsheet to represent this model over 100 year time period.

Display the population against the year on a graph.

Hence deduce what M represents. (8 marks)

  1. b) The population of USA (in millions) over the period 1790 to 1940 is given below:
Year Popn Year Popn Year Popn Year Popn
1790 3.9 1830 12.86 1870 38.5 1910 92.2
1800 5.3 1840 17.0 1880 50.2 1920 106.3
1810 7.24 1850 23.2 1890 63.0 1930 123.2
1820 9.60 1860 31.4 1900 76.2 1940 132.2

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