• May 16th, 2015

Based on QUESTION to analysis: You are the HRM Manager for a large global aerospace technology company

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You are the HRM Manager for a large global aerospace technology company based in Canberra (approximately 20,000 employees).  The company recently merged with another equal sized company and therefore its HRM practices need to be restructured to provide a single integrated HRM framework.

Your CEO has asked you to develop a transformational  strategy to support the development of an organisation wide learning culture.  Currently there are a range of existing strategies to support learning across the organisation, but they are limited and often relevant to only small parts of the workforce.  Your CEO has asked you to ignore what the organisation currently does, to start with a blank sheet of paper, and instead look at identifying the most effective initiatives your organisation could adopt based on HRM theory and practice.


Applying a change management approach, please outline a range of recommended initiatives to support a transformative  learning culture within your organisation.  For your identified initiatives, place them in priority order (which initiatives will deliver the greatest value), provide your analysis of their respective strengths and weaknesses, and briefly outline any implementation related issues if your initiatives were approved.


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