• April 16th, 2016

Banking Systems in MENA

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Please write an excellent, ANALYTICAL and well referenced work on the following question:
“Banking systems in Middle East & North African (MENA) countries have experienced significant changes in recent decades, but they continue to be distinct from those in other regions. Outline the main changes and the main distinctive features of banking in MENA. Discuss the extent to which those features are a source of strength or weakness for financial systems in MENA”

The MAIN readings that the essay should be based on are:

Farazi, S., Feyen, E., & Rocha, R. (2011). Bank ownership and performance in the Middle East and North Africa Region. Review of Middle East Economics and Finance, 9(2), 159-196.

Chami, R., Espinoza, R., & Hesse, H. (2010). Recent credit stagnation in the MENA region: What to expect? What can be done?. International Monetary Fund.

Salman Syed ALI (2011) Islamic Banking in the MENA Region, The World Bank/Islamic Development Bank (Islamic Research and Training Institute)

You need to refer to other high quality sources as well, here are some ideas on points you can include in your arguments, you should research others as well.
– Entry of foreign competitors/financial liberalisation/internationalization post-Gulf War? Were these significant changes?
– Perception on corporate governance in MENA/changes
– Stagnation of bank credit

Distinctive Features: (What are they and how are they distinctive? Then EVALUATE as strengths/weaknesses and form sophisticated arguments, fully reference any used sources)
– Role of state banks
– Ownership concentration
– Corporate governance framework
– Sharia law/Islamic banking

It is absolutely essential to give reasons for your arguments/opinions. However you address the topic, the essay must deal with each of the topic’s three parts:

1. Outline main changes in MENA banking systems
2. Outline main distinctive features of banking in MENA
3. Discuss how those distinctive features are a source of strength and/or weakness.

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