• April 19th, 2016

Bank risk management

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

You are asked to choose and download one journal article from the following
Ellul, A., Yerrami·lli, V., 2013. Stronger controls, lower risk: Evidence from U.S.
Bank Holding Companies. The Journal of Finance 5, pp. 1757-1803.
Huang, X., Zhou, H., Zhu, H., 2012. Assessing the systemic risk of a·
heterogeneous portfolio of banks during the recent financial crisis. Journal of
Financial Stability 8, pp. 193-205.
Lopez-Espinosa, G., Rubia, A., Valderrama, L., Anton, M., 2013. Good· for
one, bad for all: Determinants of individual versus systemic risk. Journal of Financial Stability 9, pp. 287-299.
Your essay should contain a critical review of the chosen journal article. It should be based on and linked to: a) the material covered in lectures and workshops, b) in-class discussions, and c) any additional readings and references. The essay should be 2,000 words in length (excluding table of contents, references and any appendices) and should contain the following key features:
1. An introduction which sets the chosen article within the context of bank risk and the relevant academic literature.
2. A thorough discussion of the risk measurement and management techniques employed in the article.
3. Adescriptionoftherelevanteconometricmethodologies.
4. A comprehensive and critical discussion of all the aspects related to bank risk-taking behaviour both from an individual and a systemic point of view.
5. A critical analysis of the major findings and the related policy implications.
Marking criteria
The purpose of this essay is to provide the opportunity to students to discuss some of the concepts, measures, tools and techniques which lie in the centre of the operation of the banking organisations from a critical perspective and in so doing demonstrate their ability to appraise the risk-taking behaviour of banks, the management of bank risk, and the fundamental role of banking institutions in the stability of the financial system and of the economy as a whole.
The essay will be marked on the basis of:
students’ insight and understanding,·
the relevance, thoroughness, depth and sophistication of analysis·
(students are expected to incorporate as many aspects of the roles and
functions of banks as possible in their analysis),
understanding of the relevant concepts,·
presentation: a clear, professional, well-presented and structured·
outcome is expected.

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