• January 3rd, 2017

Aviation Air Power 3

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Choose one topic only. The (%) figures given indicate where the marking emphasis will lie and, therefore, where your % of effort should be focused.


Topic 1: Colonel John A Warden III (USAF Retd) is a modern air power theorist who claims that air power has fundamentally changed the very nature of war. His “Warden’s Rings” model for prioritizing targets claims to be based on the expected best effect from the applied air power, or the ‘return on investment for stores expended’

In your essay CONSIDER (20%)Warden’s model and, using it as a template, EVALUATE (80%) its appropriateness using any air power campaign since 1989.


Topic 2: Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) -incorporating drones, RPV, UAV, UACV and UAS are now in widespread use as instruments of airpower.

In your essay DESCRIBE examples of different micro, mini, tactical, strategic RPAS and their roles/tasks in military service. (20%)

DISCUSS, with examples, their effectiveness (40%)and briefly

EVALUATE (25%)whether the 21st Century relationship between military and civil development of unmanned aviation has any parallels to the 20th Century development of military and civil manned heavier than air flight

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