• April 26th, 2016


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1000 words per each of the following questions with at least 2 sources each:

1. Data encryption of cellular devices has become a hot button issue of ethics this year. The apple dilemma of unlocking a cell phone is one side of the story. The other involves the messaging service provider whatsapp enabling end-to-end encryption on all data sent through the service. This bars even employees of the company to access any data even if law enforcement requests it. The argument they put forth is one of ensuring personal security, the rebuttal is that this allows terrorists, or anyone with malicious intent to communicate with others without any oversight or so called “monitoring”. What is the impact of this ethical dilemma on the aviation security realm, and what do you believe is the correct direction to be followed? Is it acceptable to sacrifice some privacy for the sake of security?

2. Research the United States’ budget on Aviation Security. In addition, identify how much the TSA spends annually and on what specific items. Do you believe this to be the correct method of paying for security? Should the burden of financing security efforts be left to the government, or should they be borne evenly by the airlines, the airports, and the passengers?

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