• April 11th, 2016

Australian Dispute resolution methods (Mediation, arbitration, conciliation, judicial determination

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Reflection and elaboration on your peer teaching episode, highlighting what you have learned from the experience. ( A peer teaching episode is a mock class that is delivered to uni students but taught in a way as if we were actual teachers teaching high school students.)

What does peer teaching episodes help us learn from teaching, for me it was a lot different being in that position of the teacher, and considering the countless ways of delivering a class and information. My language that im using do they understand, is it too wordy, not enough engagement, that sort of stuff.

Critical discussion on one or more of the following areas: effective communication strategies, planning for diversity/inclusivity, supporting disability, and/or managing challenging behavior.

Explanation of how you might modify your plan to support learning and/or behavioural needs of a diverse range of learners based on your critical discussion.

Summary of relevant literature, references and/or other
artefacts/sources that have informed/shaped your professional
learning activity.

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