• March 4th, 2016

AUDIT of Cemex

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


To demonstrate knowledge and understanding of auditing energy/environmental management systems.

Procedure/ Instructions

Judgemental and random Sampling on CEMEX

1. Define & justify your sample size (500 words)

• choose a CEMEX cement site
• explain why you choose that specific site and not another site
• how did you come up with that decision of choosing that site
• YOU MUST CHOOSE WASTE MANAGEMENT. But explain why you used random sampling to choose it.
• Using Judgemental sampling Talk about deficiencies and problems as well as loop holes in their waste management
• Talk about recycling

2. Prepare an audit aide memoir CEMEX (250 words)

• Create a check list in table form
• List the things you except that CEMEX should be doing to handle management.
• Right next to it the opposite box explain what you need by that
• Use the auditing standards to check

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