• March 20th, 2016

Atlas Shrugged analysis

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements

Disjointed Atlas Shrugged analysis (5-7 pp)
Rather than being a cohesive paper like the other analyses, the disjointed Atlas Shrugged analysis will consist of very
short and pointed attempts at digesting different aspects of Ayn Rand’s thought; students may even formally divide their
paper to recognize this (e.g. a heading signaling the 1st section of the paper and subheadings listing each specific
question that requires a separate paragraph, then a heading signaling the 2nd section of the paper).
The 1st section of the paper (4-5 pp.) will consist of a series of paragraphs describing major aspects of Rand’s thought, as
represented by John Galt’s speech in Atlas Shrugged.
The description should heavily rely on carefully-selected quotations from the text, but should not be limited to the given
definitions; as with all people, what Rand says she does (that is, the *claimed* derivation of her positions) may not
always correspond to her actions (that is, how she actually establishes her positions). If tensions or (apparent?)
contradictions are encountered, they should be simply presented as such, and discussed more fully in the 2nd section of
the paper.
Questions for the 1st section of the paper are as follows and should be treated in one concise paragraph of around 6-8
sentences each:
– What is human nature, and by what means does Rand make that determination?
– What is the purpose of a human being and how is it achieved, and by what means does Rand make that determination?
– What is love, and how do love and sex coincide with human nature and the purpose of a human being?
– What obligations should exist among individuals and between individuals and the government?
– In what ways do people act against human nature and their purpose, and what are the consequences?
The 2nd section of the paper (2-3 pp.) will consist of the identification and discussion of 2-3 problematic areas in Ayn
Rand’s thought. More pervasive and fundamental problems should be selected over the more tangential and less
important, and the focus should be on lines of thinking that are contradictory, in tension, or underdeveloped.
Be sure to employ standard formatting (1” margins, 12-point Times New Roman font, and double-spacing within and
between paragraphs), a single-spaced heading (containing at a minimum student name, assignment name, class name,
and due date), a title (original or giving assignment name and thus replacing that part of the heading) and MLA-style intext
citation that corresponds to a “Works Cited” section at the assignment’s end (more info available on the Purdue
OWL site https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/; no need for a separate page).
Stylistically, use professional diction and punctuation (e.g. no slang, contractions, clauses ending in a preposition, or
comma splices).

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