• October 5th, 2017

Assignment_Activity-Based Costing (ABC) in Service Industries

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Research a U.S. company in the service industry with e-commerce activities.

Write a six to seven (6-7) page paper:

1. Describe the company you researched in one to two (1-2) paragraphs.
2. Discuss how a time driven ABC cost system can be implemented in the company you researched and the benefits that the use will yield to the business performance.
3. Assess how using an ABC system can provide a competitive advantage to the company in the market space it operates and the resulting impact to the business performance.
4. Examine the potential impact of time-driven ABC costing on services provided online with those provided through traditional channels, considering how this knowledge will impact decisions made by management about these services.
5. Use at least four (4) quality academic resources in this assignment.

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