• April 21st, 2016

Assignment Wk6

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Financial Analysis and Valuation
Week 6: Assignment
Hand-in Assignment
During this week, we will examine the various methods of valuing companies, the underlying financial theories behind the models, and the uses of such valuations. To gain practical experience applying these concepts and models, you will perform a multifaceted valuation on a company of your choosing as well as using this valuation to assess appropriate business strategies.
For Part II of your Module Project, the project outline, you will continue your analysis of your firm by estimating the terminal value for your firm. Calculations should include all scenarios possible using abnormal earnings methodology, as well as an equity value and asset value estimate based on Week 4’s projections and the terminal value estimated this week (refer to Table 8-6 on page 346 of your course text). Prepare a brief written summary of 2 to 3 pages, describing and justifying the methods you used in estimating terminal value and detailing your assumptions. In a table, summarise the terminal values that you will use in your final valuation analysis and that were incorporated in the spreadsheet used in previous weeks.

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