• January 3rd, 2017

Assignment: Personal Diversity Statement

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

If you were in a leadership position and were responsible for developing a diversity statement, what would include in this statement?
To prepare:
Review the diversity statements from several institutions. Consider what you find to be most compelling and clear in these statements and what you would want to refine or delete.
To complete:
Draft a 3- to 4-page diversity statement for an institution of your choosing. Explain how your proposed statement serves the institution and its stakeholders. In your document, briefly address each of the following:
• Student/faculty experience
• Connection and mentorship among students and faculty
• Diversity requirements (e.g., trainings or courses) for students, staff, and faculty
• Diversity training for stakeholders
• For each factor, a brief rationale for why you presented it as you did

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