• August 12th, 2017

Assignment 6

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Write an answer of approximately 500 words that addresses the topic given below. Your answer should be in paragraph form.
Your tutor will find it helpful if you copy the question into your document so that the question is included with your answer.
Forward your completed assignment to your tutor in MS Word or PDF format. Use this online drop box to submit your completed assignment.
Reflect on what you have learned in this course and relate some of those ideas to the issues identified in the two quotes given in Journal Exercise 5.
In the first quote, Charles Webb refers to the dark side of policing: the use of physical force, which Egon Bittner refers to as a “core competency” of police.
In the second quote, Herman Goldstein talks about the inability of police managers to see beyond quantitative measures and determine whether the officers they deploy on the street each day actually make a difference. In other words, they have a historical tendency to get caught up in a numbers game–a very real risk in today’s shift toward data-driven policing.
With these issues in mind, review the accompanying photos in detail and comment on the “core competency” of patrol officers as described by Egon Bittner in “Florence Nightingale in Pursuit of Willie Sutton,” which is an assigned reading for this unit.
• Where does the idea of community policing fit within the emerging dominance of data-driven policing?
• How can police managers balance the political aspects of a community-based approach to policing in today’s fragmented society with the multitude of urgent demands placed on police agencies on a daily basis?

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