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Engels spoke of how his contact with the Manchester and Salford proletariat heightened his awareness of their sorrows and condition. Social work, through its interventions with the oppressed, has a similar close proximity. For this assignment, you are required to provide a critical analysis of how social work practice (utilising its knowledge, values and skills) should function to confront the pernicious problems of social injustice.

Topic: In what extent could social workers apply their skills, knowledge and values to confront the pernicious problem of social injustice amongst Refugees and asylum seekers?

Learning Outcomes
Provide critical analysis of knowledge, values and skills that can equip social work to confront to confront the pernicious problems of social injustice
Provide critical examination the tensions faced by a social work approach in the task of confronting the pernicious problems of social injustice.
Provide Critical analysis of the position and function of social work addressing concerns such as protection, entitlement, rights and responsibilities.
Demonstrate evidence and application of extensive reading to support your critical analysis with academic literature and research.
Demonstrate ability to write according to the programmes requirements in terms of structure, grammar, spelling, punctuation and referencing.

Please Note:
I would like to use the following Theories
1. Perform activity
2. Black Feminist Theory
3. Social Construction

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