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Exercise 4.1, #1-12
Answer the questions…
1. What is a moral theory?

2. According to the text, what is a worldview?
3. What is a moral statement?

4. What is the basic structure of a standard moral argument?

5. What can’t we infer a moral statement from nonmoral statement alone?

6. Why is it important to spell out implicit premises in a moral argument?

7. What technique can we use to determine whether a general moral principle is true?

8. What is a moral judgment?

9. According to the text, what precisely does a moral theory try to explain?

10. According to the text, what are the criteria of adequacy for appraising moral theories?

11. According to the text, how are moral theories like scientific theories?

12. Who founded the moral theory known as traditional utilitarianism?

This is separate assignment. in at least a paragraph
When you are confronted with a moral dilemma, what do you take into consideration when deciding right from wrong? What is your thought process? Given how you answer these questions, which of the moral theories discussed in the do you believe best aligns with your own fundamental beliefs about morality? Explain your process of moral reasoning using an example of your choice. To conclude, do you believe that once you know what the right thing is to do, you will do it – or is deciding to act on your moral convictions another matter entirely?

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