• February 8th, 2017

Assignment 2: Technology Transformation Lesson Plan

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write a three to five (3-5) page paper in which you:
1. Define the grade level, subject area, and key project goal you expect to achieve.
2. Propose three (3) NETS-S learning standards for students for incorporating new technology into the classroom. Suggest specific strategies you intend to use to implement your proposed standards.
3. Devise three (3) learning objectives related to the project goal.
4. Identify the technology that you plan to use, and suggest the strategy for its integration.
5. Describe, in the lesson plan description, the manner in which you plan to integrate technology into the activities.
6. Develop one (1) activity in which you describe the steps for including the use of technology into the activity’s implementation.
7. Create a reference page that includes four (4) online resources and Web addresses for the technological resources identified in your project.

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