• February 7th, 2017

Assignment 2: Forecasting/Scheduling

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Successfully introducing a new business product or service requires significant planning. Forecasting allows the company to estimate the extent of the changes in operations by looking at levels, trends, and seasonality of the demand for the product or service.
A scheduling tool such as a Gantt chart, program (or project) evaluation and review technique (PERT) chart, or work breakdown structure (WBS) provides a way to identify and organize required activities into a logical order.
In this assignment, you will select a project-scheduling tool and use it to develop the business flow for the rollout of a new product or service. For example, a call center is considered a service operation. The new service rollout could be the expansion of the call center to a second location or establishing the call center overseas. In a manufacturing environment, such as a mattress manufacturer, the rollout of a new product could be the expansion of the product line to include futons. In the automotive industry, the rollout could be the expansion of the product line to include hybrid vehicles.
Using the module readings, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet, identify and select a company you will use for this assignment. This company must be different from the one chosen for M2: Assignment 2. Then, complete the following:
• Describe the business operation you are considering for the forecast and scheduling of your expansion.
• What type of forecasting method would be appropriate for the company and the product or service selected? Why?
• Choose one of the following project scheduling tools: Gantt chart, PERT chart, or work breakdown structure (WBS).

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