• January 19th, 2017

Assignment 2: Discussion—Operations Function in the Organization Structure

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Operations are an important management function in an organization. The role of operations management changes as companies react to the business environment.
Using the Argosy University online library resources and valid Internet sites, search for an organizational chart of a manufacturing, service, or technology company looking specifically for one that shows a change in the operations function. Typically, such charts can be found in published annual reports of public companies.
Based on your analysis of the chart, respond to the following:
• Identify the components of the operations function in the organizational structure of the company.
• Review the annual reports over the past three years and see how the operations management function has changed.
• Examine the financial reports to understand the competitive and market challenges the organization is facing and then analyze the importance of operations in the organization.
• Explore how the organizational function has evolved to keep pace with the changing competitive and business landscape.
• If possible, identify an event that caused the organization to change the role of the operations function in the organizational structure and offer an explanation of how the new operational function is better suited to compete in the current business environment.

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