• May 8th, 2015

Assignment 2

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Write a literature review based on the following criteria:
1.Identify a research topic of interest to your profession and locate at least 5 (3 for MTeach students) research papers in this areas which use different research methods and/or methodologies. You should ensure that among the papers that you select there are some that use quantitative methods and others that use qualitative methods. You may also include mixed method papers.
2. Describe which methodologies and methods are used to research aspects of this area of interest
a) Critically analyse the appropriateness of the methodologies and methods used to answer each papers’ key research question using a framework or tool for critical analysis of research studies, suitable for the types of studies you have included
b) If stated, critically evaluate the papers’ discussion of paradigm choice. If not stated, outline which paradigm best fits the research, and justify your choice
3. Reflect on the identified methodologies and methods, and suggest and justify appropriate research questions for future projects in this area that would be relevant to the field, focusing specifically on gaps in study design that a new study might fill. Give a brief justification if methodology and methods that could be used (no more than 3).
• The focus of this assignment is on the research method and research process. Hence, you do not need to explain why you want to study the topic you choose nor discuss the significance of the area of your research interest.

The 4 articles are the ones that needs to be analysed. The additional uploads will be the subsequent readings which you can use as sources/references.


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