• January 5th, 2017


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In this exercise, there are two sets of quizzes (A & B) that you will participate in.
1. Select either the Cross Cultural Work Scenarios or Working Globally Across Cultures quiz from http://www.commisceo-global.com/quizzes/cultural-awareness-quizzes?view=qcategory&cat_id=39
2. Choose any one of the country quizzes at http://www.commisceo-global.com/quizzes/cultural-awareness-quizzes?view=qcategory&cat_id=41 that looks interesting to you.
After completing the quizzes, address the following questions in a 2- to 3-page essay:
• Which quizzes did you take?
• Include your actual results in an Appendix at the end of your paper.
• Were you surprised at your score?
• What strengths do you think you have in the area of inter-cultural awareness?
• What weaknesses are you able to identify?
• If there were gaps between your assessment results and your own thoughts about your level of cultural awareness, why do these gaps exist?
• Create a plan of specific, concrete actions you can take to build on your strengths and improve areas of weakness so that you improve your cultural awareness.
• Why is it important for managers to increase their levels of cultural awareness?

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