• January 19th, 2017

Assignment 1: Discussion—Logistics Management as a Sustainable Differentiator

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In today’s global competitive environment, organizations are trying to leverage efficiencies in their supply chain to drive down costs, reduce inventories, and grow their operating margins as they seek to deliver increased value to their consumers. Many companies have tried to create efficient supply chains as a way create sustainable differentiators in the global business environment.
Using the Argosy University online library resources and valid Internet sites, research an organization in the manufacturing, retail, service, or technology industry that has undertaken special efforts to enhancing its supply chain.
Based on your research, respond to the following:
• Discuss the efforts the organization has made to increase collaboration with its supply chain partners in an attempt to create value.
• What kind of advantage has this created for the organization? Can the company sustain the advantage to generate a long-term differentiation from its competitors?
• Why has this organization succeeded or failed in effectively leveraging its supply chain efficiencies into a sustainable differentiator?
• Base your analysis on published scholarly articles and not just your own opinions.

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